Thursday, January 19, 2012


I never know what to make for my New Year's resolution so, I don't make them. I am always trying to improve myself and am always trying to do better when I make mistake. I did actually make a resolution this year but, it's kind of a silly one. Since as y'all have probably figured out. I am or, was a big fan of the B-52's and my favorite song from them is "Rome". Since I like this song so much I have decided that I was going to listen to this song at least once everyday, I had tried to do this last year but, I had started it in March and had forgotten to listen to it. So now that it is a new year! I have decided to do it again. Yes I know.... i'm weird. Rome if you want to!

               Joining in from Brenda Youngerman's Pondering with a purpose.


  1. I think that is a good resolution, Joseph, especially if it is a song you like! By this time next year, you'll know that song inside and out, all the words, etc!

    I am with you; I don't make resolutions, just look at ways to improve myself with things that I make mistakes on or want to change (like being more patient etc :)


    1. Thanks, I pretty much already do know it inside and out. Resolutions are hard to make. : )

  2. Joseph! What a cool resolution!
    I am so glad you decided to ponder along with me this week... I had a hard time coming up with a prompt.....
    Have a great weekend

    1. Oh I can give you suggestions, thanks you too! : )


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