Sunday, January 15, 2012

Medicine Box!

                                                        Only one dollar!

Yesterday while I was taking my medicine, I noticed that I had taken two blood pressure pills on the same day. Nothing bad happened, I had taken the first blood pressure medicine an hour before and had pizza afterwards, before I took the second blood pressure medicine. So, I was ok, I didn't feel anything. After this happened, I called my dad and suggested that I should get one of those weekly medicine boxes so, that I will know if I had taken my medicine or, not. They only cost a dollar at Walgreen's, speaking of Walgreen's my aunt wanted to go to one while we were in Virginia and it took us an hour to find one. In Houston you could tie a man with a blind fold and he would eventually end up in one, I just thought that was funny. Anyway back to my story I got the medicine box and it put off the stress of knowing whether I took my medicine or not. I'll I have to do know is look in the box to see if I had taken it. I think it is a very useful tool for people who have to take medicine everyday and don't want to worry about what medicine they forgot to take. So, if you take medicine go get one, they are only a dollar at your nearest Walgreen's.


  1. That is a great deal for that medicine box, Joseph! I think they are so helpful to keep track of medicine you need to take! I had one for my daughter when she lived at home and it did make it easier to keep track of whether she had taken her pills or not. Good advice to give to those who need to take meds! Cute too about not being able to find a Walgreens in Virginia; its like trying to find a Starbucks in Montana, there are only a couple of them, here there is one in every shopping center, sometimes two!

    have a good week ahead!


    1. Really? How come? Lol! There are sometimes three here. You too! : )

  2. Hello Joseph.
    These boxes are great to have on hand.
    I took one on holiday recently that holds 14 days' worth of pills so I didn't have to carry a whole bunch of pill bottles.
    Nice post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks also for visiting & following. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too. Hope you'll return again soon & often! ;-)

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

    1. Ya it is a whole lot better than trying to carry lots bottles of pills. Thanks for the follow! : )


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