Thursday, January 26, 2012


Simon and Garfunkel: Homeward bound, one of my favorite songs that my dad used to play when he would take us for rides in the car.

Home to me is a place that I've lived in for awhile, a place that looks familiar, a place that I can relax in, sleep in, eat in, watch T.V., listen to music, and play video games in, that is a place that I like to call home! They say that home is where the heart is so, I guess that means i'm always home. He he...

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  1. Good post Joseph - The song that reminds me of home is Country Roads by John Denver. Every time I make the trip, as soon as I turn off onto Highway 58 outside of Middlesboro, KY I catch myself singing that song!

  2. I Love that song!!! Thanks for pondering with me Joseph! great post and you're right you probably are always home!!! hee hee hee


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