Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Since everyone has their good luck traditions like, picking up a penny on the ground or, eating black eyed peas. I have made a new good luck tradition last year which was that I have to touch snow at the beginning of the year. Since I was in D.C. last year, this tradition wasn't hard to follow. Luckily thanks to my sister, I have some ready made snow that I could touch. Here is a video on how to make it.

                              We had some black eyed peas to further my luck.                                                                                
                                           Happy New Year everybody!


  1. First of all, isn't DC a great place to visit? My sister lives just outside of it; we visited her several years back; it was a great trip! Glad you got to be there in winter with the snow so you can touch it! I like your tradition you established for luck for the new year and I'm glad your sister helped you be able to accomplish it this year with the manmade snow! Looked like it was fun to make too! I did see someone at the store yesterday buying black eyed peas to make today for luck! I hope you enjoyed yours and that it will be a great lucky year for you and yours Joseph! Happy New Year indeed!


  2. Ya, it is, i'm going up there on the 7th and there's a chance for rain so maybe it will snow overnight or, there will be snow there, I doubt it but, it will be fun either way. You too! : )


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