Sunday, December 4, 2011

Things I Did This Week 4!

November 27 I watched a little bit of a documentary on Lucille Ball on CBS, I learned that she owned a studio and gave the go ahead on Mission Impossible and Star Trek. I got to take a picture of the elusive green bug. I learned about Sky Landers. I learned about cool Ps3 mods. I learned that the internet saves your comments so, that you can view them later. I got to wear my new pants. My little sister added me to her new Facebook account.
It took me awhile to get the perfect picture, every picture I took came out too blurry. I finally found this one in my house, I grabbed it and put it under a bright lamp so, I could get a good picture of it.

November 28 I applied for a job at Pizzaro's pizza place, I hope they hire me but, I doubt they will.

November 29 I started following the lansingwbu blog, It's mostly a blog about birds but, they write about other animals too. I decided to add the Google account verification, just in case. I decided to download Adobe Reader 9 because I got tired of them asking me to download it. I learned that some people use baking soda to clean their teeth.

November 30 I finally got to watch the seat swap between Tony Stewart and Lewis Hamilton. I put stickers on boxes in mom and dad's jewelry store. I also sat on the stone bench that is in the shopping center, I think that is the first time that I sat on it. I had a chocolate milkshake ftom Mcdonald's and I had fries with it, it tasted really good! 

December 1 I did more boxes and hung bracelets at my parents jewelry store, Went with my dad and older brother to get a Christmas tree, I'll show y'all a picture of it when all the decorations have been put on it. I went to Walgreeens to get some Flents ear plugs. I learned about Teavana from Snagajob, the perfect place for me to work. I saw youtube's updated webpage.

Now hiring: Teavana
December 2 I hung up some Christmas lights on one of the windows in front of my house, which ended up being Halloween lights. Oops! Maybe we'll use those for next Halloween. Found some old toycars from when I was a kid in the garage while I was with Rosa looking for some Christmas Decorations.
                                  There all dirty, I'm planning on cleaning them.

December 3 I spent time blogging, tryed to hang up the lights but, didn't know where to put them so, I decided not to, me and my older brother had a fight about it and he told me to call them Christmas fights not lights. I learned that mosquito repelent doesn't work, I got bitten by alot of mosquitoes even though I had put some on. 
 This the diagram that my older brother drew for putting up the Christmas lights.


  1. You had a busy week, Joseph. I had to laugh about you saying Teavana would be a perfect place for you to work! You might drink up all your profits (and paycheck) if you worked there! I've never been in one though we have them around here; might have to some day!

    I liked the picture of the bug you took; interesting one!

    Yum on the fries and shake from McDonald's. I think they make pretty darn good shakes and fries myself!

    I do hope you get the job at the pizza place. My son's first job down here was at a pizza place; he had lots of fun there.

    Looking forward to seeing the picture of your tree when you share it!


  2. Lol! Probably, I've never been to one either. : )

  3. I completely agree with your brother's name for the Christmas lights... whether they are on the Christmas tree or on the house, they cause trouble getting them up!!

  4. Ya, no one can ever agree on where and how to put them. : )


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