Friday, December 16, 2011

My Turn To Celebrate!

                                                       My birthday cake!
                                   Awesome shirt of Pac Man on Abbey Road.

On Wednesday I celebrated my 22nd birthday and saw my little sister Julia that I hadn't seen since January. I got a chocolate cake from H-E-B and my older sister Tamara mailed me this awesome shirt of Pac Man crossing the Abbey Road, it's supposed to make fun of the Beetles first album where they took a picture of them crossing Abbey Road.(Here's a picture  I really like it! 


  1. Happy birthday!!! Yay for another December birthday! Love the shirt!

  2. Happy belated birthday Joseph! Cake looked delicious and great gifts you got! I really enjoyed reading this for two special reasons, oops three special reasons.

    1. I share a birthday in December (it hasn't happened yet but real close but I usually don't tell anyone when my birthday is).

    2. You are a very special person and friend to me. Don't take this the wrong way, but your birthday is the same day my mom died five years ago. And that's okay. Because with the sadness I have that she is gone, I have the joy of knowing someone special born on that day!

    3. My mom's name was Julia. So for you to have a sister named Julia, another special thing we have in common!

    I hope you have a wonderful 22nd year of life!


  3. Thank you!!!! I'm sorry I didn't know, that's funny how they have the same name. Sorry about your mom! : )


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