Friday, December 9, 2011

Green Lacewing!

This is a picture of a Green lacewing. They are liked because their lava is good for killing predators of plants. I had a hard time try to get a picture of it because I could only see them at night and my camera doesn't work that well in the dark. I finally found this one crawling on the wall of my house, I gently grabbed one of it's wings with a plastic bag and I put the bag under a bright lamp so, that I could take a picture of it, I was really glad that I did. The picture came out perfect, there were no blurry images. It probably wasn't the best picture ever taken but, at least I could see the bug. I am glad that I could actually find a real name for it this time, instead of just making up the names like I usually do. I'll try to find out the names of the other bugs but, until I do I'll just have to keep on making them up. 

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