Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Game of The Year!?

Since I've been seeing alot of game of the year posts on alot of blogs, I've decided that I'm going to make one. This is going to be difficult for me since I've only been able to play one of them so, instead i'm going to make a most anticipated games of the year. First off.....

1. Driver: San Francisco, I'm really looking forward to playing this game. I have always been a fan of the Driver series even, Driv3r! And  i'm really excited about this one. I was surprised and happy when I found out in 2006 that they were going to make a new Driver, Driv3r was supposed to be the last one and I didn't think they were going to make another but, Tanner is back! Well his mind is he's alive but, he's in a comma? So, I guess he's not going to take down Jericho yet...? I don't know I haven't played or read the story line but, it sounds interesting. I can't wait to play it! : )

2. Forza 4! I barely got to play Forza 3 and now there is a Forza 4! Great graphics, variety, racing, and fun! I'm sorry to say this but, I think it's better than GT 5 well, that's what my brother told me, I've never played it. I can't wait to play it! I hope I get to before Forza 5 comes out.

3. Need for Speed The Run, I wasn't really that excited about this one at first but, after I learned more about it I figured out that it might be a fun game to play. Need for Speed The Run tries to imitate the classics like Cruisin' USA and Out Run, where you travel across the country against other players, each level like New Mexico or something is a track and once you get to the end of the track you go to another city or state until you get to New York I guess, i'm not really sure if this is how the game plays but, that's what it looked like to me. Either way it looks fun and I want to play it.
Need for Speed: The Run Screenshot
4.Need For Speed Shift 2 Unleashed, I love racing simulators and I love that your helmet moves with you and that you can race in the dark. It seems like a fun game. I want to play it with a steering wheel.

5.Portal 2, I don't know much about this game other than it is a puzzle game that has the voice of Stephen Merchant who is a robot who directs and makes fun of you through the game, sounds fun! I really want to ply this one.
Portal 2 Picture
6. The Elder Scrolls  V: Skyrim, I don't know much about this game either but, it looks fun. I have seen some videos of the other Elder Scrolls games and they looked good. From what I hear it's really big and there are over a million things to do in it. I may want to give this one a shot. : )
7. Batman Arkham City, Another fun little game that I want to try out. I think I might want to play Batman Arkham Asylum first though because it seems like I would enjoy Arkham city more if I did that.
8. Uncharted 3, the reason why this is so far down the list is that I don't have a PS3 and I don't think I will ever get to own one. I did get to play Uncharted 3 at a Micro Center and it was fun, I was playing a level where I had to light torches so, that I wouldn't be attacked by spiders and it kind of reminded me of Banjo Tooie, where I had to throw eggs to light the railway path so, that I could see where to go.
9. Kirby's Return to Dream Land, I don't have a Wii either but, I love Kirby and I had fun playing Kirby's Adventure ( "I think that's what it was called.") for the NES so, I think this game would be fun too.
10. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Another great Nintendo game. I've only played the first Legend of Zelda game for the NES but, that's it, I didn't get to play it that much but, I had alot of fun. I really want to play The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for the N64. I would also like to play Skyward Sword sometime.
11. Test Drive Unlimited 2, I know this game sucks but, it's a racing game and if you didn't already notice I love racing games. It doesn't really suck it just too repetitive, it's just like the first Test Drive Unlimited only with different cars and environments but, the game play is still the same. It's still worth checking out.
12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I might as well throw in a shooter, I've never really been that into them but, I guess they can be a little fun. I would play it.
13. Sims 3 Pets, I just found out about this game and it looks interesting. I love pet games, they're really fun!
14. Super Mario Galaxy 2, I love the Mario games, I haven't really played any of them but, they look fun.         

Ok, I was only going to list ten games but, instead I put 14. So many games... Btw this isn't a list of best to worse because I messed up and was too lazy to rearrange them. I would have still put Driver: San Fransisco at the top, as always! Thank you to whoever helped create that game. I look forward to playing it!

Uh oh... I just remembered a few other games that I would like to put on the list like of course,                 Saints Row: The Third, sorry I forgot all about it.
Also Ace Combat Assault Horizon, A great game I've never played any of the Ace Combat games but, they looked good. Ya I just watched the trailer and it looks good, reminds me of Star Fox. I wish they would make a new Star Fox but, I know they won't. Anyway it looks like a great game.

and there might be some others but, I don't remember. So many great games came out this year! If your wondering why I didn't put L.A. Noire it's because I have it and I've played it, it was alot of fun, i'm surprised it didn't get any game of the year awards, oh well. I hope you enjoyed reading my list. : )

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