Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Animal News 14!

Time for some animal news! Sorry I had to skip last week's animal news but, that means more news this week!

First off, time to introduce the orange kitty! Orange kitty is one of the other neighborhood cats that comes by our house every once in awhile. I don't know what it wants it just comes by our house every month or so and meows like it is looking for something then leaves, It looks big so, I think it has a owner. It usually doesn't eat the cat food I give it but, this time it did. I think it also likes the Impostor Kitty so, maybe that's what it's been looking for or, maybe it's trying to run away from it, it got really scared when it saw the Little Kitty.

And now for some great news! I saw a squirrel! I found it in the front yard looking for some acorns. I wanted to give him some of the ones that I had gathered but, he ran away.

Peacocks? I heard some peacocks calling each other on Sunday or Monday when it was raining.

Little Kitty attacks a rabbit, my older brother says that he saw the Little Kitty attacking a rabbit. He put the Little Kitty inside so, that it wouldn't hurt the rabbit. The rabbit seemed hurt but, he thought it would be able to move, when he came back outside the rabbit was gone and the Little Kitty was outside sniffing at the ground where the rabbit was. My older brother thinks the Little Kitty got the rabbit but, he's not sure. I think it got away.

I haven't seen the White Kitty. I still see the Impostor Kitty every once in awhile.

Funny animal commercials! These are some funny commercials that have animals in them.
                                                 I like this one because it's in Texas. : )

That's it folks, I hope y'all enjoyed this week's animal news! Bye : )


  1. That was a big orange cat, Joseph! Well fed I think! Glad you finally got to see a squirrel; I'm thinking they will have to get used to you before they'll take any food (unless it is out in a bowl maybe?)

    I always like the gecko commercials from Geico, too cute!!

    great animal news Joseph!

    hope all is going good!


  2. Ya the Orange Kitty is pretty big, it used to be really skinny before, I think one of our neighbors is taking care of it. Thanks! : )


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