Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rain While Taking Out The Trash!

There are some thunderstorms coming through Texas that might be in Houston while I am taking out the trash, I hope not. 


  1. Well at least the rain somehow manages to keep the trash from smelling. I'd rather take out the trash in the rain anyday than in the hot summer sun where the flies buzz, the magpies swoop and the cochroaches appear. hee hee

  2. I hate taking out the trash in the rain - I have to go and put a raincoat on, or use an umbrella, which is hard when you need two hands to manoevre the bins into the correct position for collection!

  3. You'll have to run between the rain drops, Joseph! Might motivate you to get the trash out sooner before the rain hits! But at least you guys might be getting some rain!!

    have a good weekend!


  4. I LOVE taking the trash out in the rain... Don't know why...just do!

  5. I hate taking the trash out in the rain. I also don't like it so much when it's snowing. But that's when it's good to have a spud to send out. Some how a 6 year old can make anything fun.

    -Janie Jones, visiting from 6WS

  6. Whereslanda,No our trash can always smells, we have a opossum that likes to sleep in it.
    Elaine, I just make a run for it!
    That Corgi : ), I managed to take it out in between showers so, I didn't get wet. We've been getting alot of rain lately, about a inch every week!
    Brenda Youngerman, Me too, except I hate having to change my clothes.
    Janiesplace, Lol! I wouldn't mind taking out the trash in the snow, I love snow! Thanks for the visit!

    The heavy rain started after I took the trash out so, I didn't get wet. : )

  7. Great picture :-) hope you managed to do it without getting wet!

  8. Yes I did but, I wish I'd known the trash collectors where going to come late today because I could have taken the trash out after the storm and not before. : )

  9. Stay dry while you take your trash out!

  10. Glad you didn't get wet. I know Houston hasn't had much rain until recently so enjoy it while you can!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  11. Susan in SC, thanks I managed to take it out before the big storm hit.

    Call me Cate, Ya we've been under a severe drought and they say that we might get ten more years of it.

    : )


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