Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things I Did This Week!

November 8 Got my 16th follower on my blog. Also decided it would be better to write my weather diary
entries on word pad instead of wasting all of those index cards, and then found out that I could just easily copy and paste the information on to a new post instead of trying to understand what I wrote.

November 9 had Australian Licorce from Walgreens, also added three people to my G + cicles. The day I decided to make the things I did this week list.

November 10 The day I found out and decided to participate in the cat Thursday. Learned about the African Wild Dog. Learned about draw a dog Tuesday. Learned about Anipals. Started following Albert the cat. Learned about World Animal Day. Which is on October 4. One of the people from the Weather Channel started following me on twitter, I guess i'm a official weather person now! Decided that maybe I should learn how to drive a van driver before I start to drive a 18 wheeler. Got a email from a job site saying that he wanted me to put an ad on my site so, I said I did. Don't know where this is going but, I guess we'll find out. Also my dad gave me his Iraginophobia shirt and his Stratford shirt. Found out about music producer Brian Eno from the Colbert Report.

November 11 I learned that Bill Withers was the original singer of "Lean on me" He made it in 1972. Bought a Matchbox Fisker Karma. Bought a Hot Wheels la Fiesta. I bought a pink Pontiac camaro from Hot Wheels. I learned that I should probably not say happy birthday to some people. Learned about the falseness of reality TV shows on the soapbox blog I learned what a Dodge Colt was. Changed my background picture to @iamMIRAJ picture from Miami Florida, I think. Made a video of a possum as he was leaving the trash can during the day to get some water. Decided to make a things I like to find list. Learned about the corruptness of a person that works at the Houston School District. Wore my dad's Iraqnophobia shirt. Started reading Deuteronomy. Heard about the book The Benefactor.

The Benefactor

November 12 Listened to the audio chat about the heart, To heal the heart. Drove around the enitre map of Miami without completely damaging my car in Driver 1. I had a Chocolate milkshake from Burger King. Pushed one of HEB's new carts.


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