Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fill in Fun 4!

1. I love the smell of tar during the summer after it has been rained on.
2. When I fly, I fly on Continental Airlines, the only airline that I will ever fly on.
3. I don't like any other airline but, I guess i'll just have to face the facts.
4. My favorite airline is Continental Airlines, but I guess ya'll knew that already.




  1. Now I'm curious why you like Continental the best. Is it the customer service, the size of their planes? I'm not a flier, but we used to fly Delta a lot because it and United were the only ones that flew into the city in Montana where we lived. Koda even flew Delta since we got him from Alabama and they shipped him to us via plane.

    hope you had a good day!


  2. I want to know about Continental too. Why is it so good?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That Corgi : ) and Yvonne, It's because I have been flying Continental since my childhood and I have good memories from them. Also I like the color and that they have not had that many accidents. Lol! Koda flew on Delta! Did he enjoy the flight? How come you got him from Alabama? Did you get him from a online adoption agency or something?

  4. do you like continental? I can't tell :)

  5. I fly on random airlines, I'm thinking my reward miles are never going to amount to a thing!

  6. That's another thing I like about Continental, they give you alot of frequent flyer miles, Which is what I think made them go bankrupt. Oh well.
    : )


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