Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cat Thursday!!

There is such a thing called cat Thursday? My favorite kind of meme.

                                                 Oliver sleeps in his letter box.
If you want to participate in cat Thursday go to She is the host.


  1. ROFL! Looks a bit like my cat!

  2. Cute picture, Joseph! Neat too about Cat Thursday! I wonder if there's a Dog Friday?

    have a good day!


  3. Lol! I don't know, I couldn't find one. Maybe you should make one. Also while searching for dog memes I found this dog blog that you might like or maybe already know about. : )

  4. Welcome to Cat Thursday, Joseph! Thanks for joining me. I never could understand why some cats enjoy lying in their litter boxes. I don't think I would want to sleep in the toilet. Just sayin'! LOL!


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