Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Animal News 12!

Hello again, it's time for another edition of Animal News!

I haven't seen the impostor kitty in awhile... I wonder if it found another home to go to.

Also the peacocks are still here... I don't see as many of them as I used to or, hear them calling each other early in the morning like they used to. Yesterday I saw four but, I usually only see one or two during the evening. I think they moved to a different part of the neighborhood.

Another thing that's bothering me is... where are the squirrels? On Friday, I found some acorns lying next to the front door and I wanted to go feed them to the squirrels but, when I looked around our yard I couldn't find one of them. There are usually packs of squirrels running around up and down the trees of our yard but, these past few days I haven't seen even one. I know it's almost winter and they need to go into hibernation but,  first of all Houston doesn't even have a winter and secondly even if we did have a winter it's still a month away. So, where are the squirrels?

And now for some comic relief, here's a video of the little kitty having a dream about drinking something.

Also here are some picture's of the white kitty.

It's been another great week! See ya! : )


  1. That is puzzling, Joseph, with the squirrels! They are pretty hardy creatures so you think they would be around! Hope no one is trapping them!


  2. No, I don't think so, there are too many of them to trap. : )


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