Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Starring Jon Foo, Kelly Overton, Tamlyn Tomita, Ian Anthony Dale, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Luke Goss

For today's movie review I'd like to show you Tekken, a movie that does not suck. Movies that don't suck is a thing on G4 where they show a movie that they think doesn't suck and Tekken was one of them. I really didn't know what to expect from this movie since it was based from a video game that I've only played a couple of times and didn't know much about it other than it was a fighting game. Tekken takes place in a futuristic world where the only people that get a fighting chance are the ones who know how to fight. When Jin Kazama, a street fighter decides that he wants to join in on this money making fighting world his mother/karate teacher strongly objects. Jin doesn't understand why at first but, when she gets killed by the guy who runs the tournament he decides to join in and quickly finds out. Is this the easy going money making civilization that he has always dreamed of or, is it a nightmare world that he just wants to get out of.

I give this movie a 8 out of 10

Monday, November 28, 2011

Beastie Boys: Licensed To ILL!

                                 "Yo! What's the time...?" "It's time to get ILL!"

Time to review another random music album. This one is one of my favorites. It features all of the classics from the Beastie Boys, like "Brass Monkey", "Fight For Your Right", "No Sleep Till Brooklyn", and of course "Time To Get ILL." I have to capitalize the two LL's at the end because otherwise it would look like this Ill and that's just confusing. Back to the album, I really like it. The covers a little dramatic with the airplane smashing into a mountain but, the music is great. Every song has that old school 1980's rap beat with lyrics that rhyme and don't make sense. I think it would be a great album to play at a party or in your car cruising down the block. Lol! If you like old school rap or are a big fan of the Beastie Boys then you should check out this album.

I'd give this album a 10 out of 10, I liked every song.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Things I Did This Week 3!

November 20 I think is when I got my 18th follower, it is when I found out that I had 18 followers. I applied for a job as a pet sitter for two  cats on care.com, I changed my profile picture to the one with the cat food spilled all over,it was rejcted. Also added a video of Oliver on it which was also later rejected, I don't think they like me. I was appointed shirt master by my brother. I decided to put this list on my Joseph'sreallife blog. I decide to spend more time on my blog.

November 21 I started following the chop shop blog. I learned that the earliest snowfall in Charleston, SC and Savanna GA, was today. I went with my dad and brother to Imperial Tires to put new tires on the Scion. I listened to the new 92.0 news station, learned about the nuclear storage, I'm glad they decided against it. I heard music from Mizqofficial and became friends with him on youtube. http://skeletonchopshop.blogspot.com
                                         Here's one of Miqzofficial's songs

November 22 I decided to put Jooble back on my blog. I got a 4.0 on my inr test so, I had to change the amount of cummidin that I take each day. I watched some of the movie Mindwarp, really bad movie couldn't finish watching it because of all the violence. First time I watched a episode of Alfred Hitchcock's hour, I liked it and decided to watch more of them.

November 23 First time I played a game on a ps3, I played it while I was at Micro Center with Faisal and Tamara. First time I played Assain's Creed. The first time I played Uncharted 3.

November 24 I made Black Eyed Peas Squash with my mom, ate Thanksgiving dinner at my sister Tamara's house, Wore a snuggie, watched the A&M vs UT football game, and learned about Pentrist and Pandora.
                                  Aggies lost, Wahh!!!!

November 25 I drove the Scion TC with the new tires on it, the car felt like it had a little more grip. I got some new pants from Marchalls.

November 26 I got my 19th follower to this blog. I took a picture of a sunset through the clouds. My dad sold the necklace that I made. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rain While Taking Out The Trash!

There are some thunderstorms coming through Texas that might be in Houston while I am taking out the trash, I hope not. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fill in Fun 5!

1. I love when I see snow on the radar.
2. I am going to go to bed after I drink my tea because I am tired.
3. I never shop on black Friday because of the big crowds.
4. After a big holiday meal I hope there's still leftovers.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Animal News 13!

We say goodbye to one of our good friends this week!
The White Kitty has moved to my neighbor's house, really long story. You can read about it here: http://josephsreallife.blogspot.com/2011/03/white-kitty-has-new-owner.html

Well, I hope she is with them. She had been showing up less and less lately and then on November 17 she didn't return in the morning like she usually does. So I guess she is with them.
So, bye bye White Kitty. I hope I get to see you again.

Also, I haven't seen the impostor kitty in awhile, I think it'll be happy now that the White Kitty is gone.

Still no word on the squirrels. I guess they went into early hibernation.
I have decided to move the bowl of water and the plate of cat food to the patio so, that the possums and raccoon's don't have to go to the front door.

That's it for this week, I'll be looking more deeply into the squirrel situation and tell you what I have found out.

Bye for now! : )

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kick Ass!

Starring Nicolas Cage, ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, Aaron Johnson, & Chris D'Amico

Time for another movie review! This Friday I wasn't sure what I wanted to watch, a crime movie, a 80's movie, or a comedic movie. I decided to watch Kick Ass! I had been wanting to watch this movie for awhile but, I just hadn't been in the mood to watch a comedic movie. So, on Friday since I didn't know what to watch I thought it would be a good time to watch it. I don't really know what to say about this movie, it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. There were some really funny parts, like when Kick Ass asks Red Mist why he took the teddy bear from the burning building and the names of the super heroes Kick Ass, which Big Daddy keeps calling Ass Kick because he keeps getting well, his ass kicked, and Red Mist which is a name for a soda. The reason why I didn't think it was that funny was because there was alot of sense less killing. Every person they have a fight with gets killed. I really think that makes the movie more serious than funny. Overall I think it was a good movie, I would recommend this to someone who watches alot of super hero movies or, for someone who just doesn't know exactly what they want to watch.

My ratings, I give it a 7 out of 10

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cosmic Thing!

                    http://www.youtube.com/watch? "Roam" by the B-52s.

This is one of my favorite albums. I had bought it because I wanted to listen to the song "Roam" and I thought it would be fun to buy the whole album instead of just buying one of the songs from it. I am really glad that I did because I liked all the songs. They really cheered me up. From the funny ones like "Channel Z" and "Junebug" to the mellow ones like "Follow Your Bliss" and "Dry County." All of the songs will make you smile.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things I Did This Week 2!

I decided to move this list to this blog because I decided that this blog is going to be my personal blog again.

November 13 I watched Body Snatchers the 1993 version, I thought I heard someone scream Ahh!! After watching it and it scared me. Went to the new Shipley's on Dairy Ashford, I think it was my first time going there. Also I think it was the first time that I ate a donut this year, I don't remember. Listened to Julia's improvised techno song. Bought a red 1:140 scale Matchbox dump truck on ebay. Watched Rampage, really horrific movie. Not sure if they should let people watch it. Heard about world kindness day. http://www.worldkindness.org.sg/worldkindnessday.html
November 14 Made my first Things I did this week post, I know it says it was made on the 13th. That's because I was going to make them every Sunday. Started following the milk shake blog. Decided that I was going to make a music Mondays. Got to seat in the back of a 2012 Camry while my dad test drove it, I liked the inside but, I didn't like the outside of it. I touched my first steering wheel that had a paddle shift on one of the 2012 Camry's, I think it was my first time. Had a latte from the Don Mgill dealership. I Went in the new Marcos pizza on Dairy Ashford and ate a pizza from there. Reviewed Tropical Depression for my first New Music Album Monday's post. Learned about the 2011 Nobel peace prize winner Leymah Gbowee on the Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Learned about the pipeline from Canada to Houston, TX. Learned about designer Thomas Thwaites on the Colbert Report. Got the karma, La Fiesta, and pink Pontiac concept toy cars that I ordered from ebay. I also got my B-52's Time Capsule t shirt.
November 15 Got to be on Brenda's Tuesday Spotlight. relearned how to take pictures with my sony dvd camera. Wore my B-52's time Capsule shirt. Deleted the Jooble link because I didn't know why I had it on there. I spilled pretty much all of the cat food in the cat food bag on the floor. http://brendayoungerman.blogspot.com/2011/11/tuesdays-spotlight-joseph-alsarraf.html http://josephsreallife.blogspot.com/2011/11/oops.html
November 16 Learned where Mongomery county is. Took a picture of a beetle and I learned that I could take good pictures with my camera. Recieved my 1989 1:140 scale red Matchbox dump truck in the mail. Changed background picture to the picture of the blue Fj cruiser covered in hail stones from the hail storm that we had. I learned that my camera doesn't take good pictures in the dark. I loaded the first three clips of my possum video on to youtibe. I learned that some bloggers don't really like you to comment on their blogs. I learned about how Jack Kennedy saved the life of sailors in the Navy during WWII on the Colbert Report.
November 17 Loaded the last three clips of my possum video. Learned that vanilla comes from a bean. I got the possum video to load on youtube. I found out about the really big beetles. I showed my possum video to some of my subcribers on youtube. I took some pictures of the plants and insects in my backyard. I got my hair washed by Simon. I wore the Stratford shirt that my dad gave me. The first shirt time that I've ever worn a Stratford shirt. I learned about the book about Rin TIn Tin. It was the last time that I will wear my I scored high on my drug test shirt unless, I can clean the stain off of it. The last time that I saw the white kitty, she is with a neighbor. I hope I get to see her again.

Rin Tin Tin (Hardcover).Opens in a new window
November 18 I went to the Imperial Tire shop, really nice people with quality tires, and cheap prices. Added the Micka cat wdget to my josephsreallife blog. I watched Kick Ass.        http://houston-tx.showm:                                        http://splashpage.mtv.com/
November 19 I released my opossum video on the Six Word Saturday, everybody got creeped out. Lol! Made a lego house for a marble with Rosa's grandson Danny. Turned on the TV and saw that the last five minutes of Twilight was on, really fake acting I think I could do a better job, I don't know how anybody can stand watching it. I decided that I wasn't going to wear my I scored High on my drug test shirt anymore because there was a stain on it. I learned about the toxic fish, the ways o grow plants from your trash, and about pink dolphins from the npr radio station. I learned that eating fritos with spicy buffalo sauce from Mcdonald's doesn't taste that good. I decided to move the cats food plate to the patio since the possums and raccoon's are usually over there. I decided to keep my mp3 player in my drawer so, that it won't fall and get broken. I decided that I should keep my cell phone with me when I am taking a shower so, that I can answer it whenever someone is trying to call me. http://josephsreallife.blogspot.com/2011/11/time-to-show-my-opossum-video.html


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time To Show My Opossum Video!

                           Now presenting: A Day in The Life of a Opossum. Enjoy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Silver Beetle

                                      This is a picture of a silver beetle
Or, at least I think it's a beetle. Just found out that I can take some decent pictures with my video camera so, i'm going to be taking pictures of any wildlife that I find in my backyard or, some place. I'll be making posts about each individual picture I take so, that you can know more about them. I'll also be putting the pictures on my new wildlife pictures page so, you can view them there. Since I will probably be posting alot of pictures each day, I don't want you to worry about commenting on all of them. Anyway I hope you like my pictures.

Friday Fill in Fun 4!

1. I love the smell of tar during the summer after it has been rained on.
2. When I fly, I fly on Continental Airlines, the only airline that I will ever fly on.
3. I don't like any other airline but, I guess i'll just have to face the facts.
4. My favorite airline is Continental Airlines, but I guess ya'll knew that already.



Thursday, November 17, 2011


                                                       Happy Cat Thursday!
                               Hurry before the cat's see it.....                         

Opossum Video Coming Soon!

I just got the A Day in The Life of A Opossum video to load and i'm going to show it to y'all this Saturday! : )

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Animal News 12!

Hello again, it's time for another edition of Animal News!

I haven't seen the impostor kitty in awhile... I wonder if it found another home to go to.

Also the peacocks are still here... I don't see as many of them as I used to or, hear them calling each other early in the morning like they used to. Yesterday I saw four but, I usually only see one or two during the evening. I think they moved to a different part of the neighborhood.

Another thing that's bothering me is... where are the squirrels? On Friday, I found some acorns lying next to the front door and I wanted to go feed them to the squirrels but, when I looked around our yard I couldn't find one of them. There are usually packs of squirrels running around up and down the trees of our yard but, these past few days I haven't seen even one. I know it's almost winter and they need to go into hibernation but,  first of all Houston doesn't even have a winter and secondly even if we did have a winter it's still a month away. So, where are the squirrels?

And now for some comic relief, here's a video of the little kitty having a dream about drinking something.

Also here are some picture's of the white kitty.

It's been another great week! See ya! : )

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Body Snatchers!

Where you gonna go.... where you gonna run... where you gonna hide...?

Since today is Tuesday and most dvd's come out on Tuesday's I have decided to do my movie reviews on Tuesday's. This past Sunday or late Saturday night since it was 2 am, I watched Body Snatchers, a movie based on the 1978 movie about a town that gets over taken by alien clones. Every time one of the towns people sleep the aliens make a clone of their bodies and dispose of the real humans bodies which disposes of them. Leaving the clones to walk around freely. The movie isn't as horrific as it looks on the cover, there are some grotesque scenes when the aliens are trying to take over the humans bodies but, it's nothing compared to some of the movies and shows that are out there today. If it was gross I probably wouldn't of watched it. I really enjoyed watching this movie the story line and the characters are really good. The main character's Terry Kinney, Meg Tilly, Gabrielle Anwar, Reilly Murphy, and Billy Writh do a good job of acting. Also although he wasn't really one of the main character's, Forest Whitaker plays a couple of parts as Major Collins in the movie. So, if your looking for a good horror or alien movie to watch and you don't feel like seeing alot of violence you should check this movie out.

I give it a 8 out of 10

Monday, November 14, 2011

Left To Write

Tropical Depression Cover Art

Welcome to my new meme called New Music Album Monday's where I will review a album that I've listened to every Monday! First off it's my younger sister Julia and her friend Owen's album called Tropical Depression by Left To Write. Always cheerful and joyous Julia and Owen former High School mates from the suburb's of Houston clash together in their first album ever, Tropical Depression! This indie album has a up beat tune that will make you smile. : ) From the beginning to the end. Just go to the link at the bottom of the album cover to listen to the songs, and if you would like to buy the album or if you would like to donate, there's a buy it now button at the top of the album's web page. So come check it out! 

Fun and Things!

Welcome to Fun and Things! it's my new blog about the things that are going on in my live and in my mind. I've decided that it is going to be my main blog about the things that are going on in my life and that this blog is going to be mainly about the animals, and maybe some other things. So come check it out! http://funandthings.blogspot.com/

Can't Our Cat's Just Get Along!

Oliver has to be kept in my sister Tamara's room, White Kitty has to be kept in the study and Simon and the Little Kitty have to be kept away from both of them so, that they don't get into a fight. Why can't they just get along with each other! It's getting tiring having to move all the cat's into their separate rooms. I wish there was some way I could get them to be nicer to each other.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things I Did This Week!

November 8 Got my 16th follower on my blog. Also decided it would be better to write my weather diary
entries on word pad instead of wasting all of those index cards, and then found out that I could just easily copy and paste the information on to a new post instead of trying to understand what I wrote.

November 9 had Australian Licorce from Walgreens, also added three people to my G + cicles. The day I decided to make the things I did this week list. 

November 10 The day I found out and decided to participate in the cat Thursday. Learned about the African Wild Dog. Learned about draw a dog Tuesday. Learned about Anipals. Started following Albert the cat. Learned about World Animal Day. Which is on October 4. One of the people from the Weather Channel started following me on twitter, I guess i'm a official weather person now! Decided that maybe I should learn how to drive a van driver before I start to drive a 18 wheeler. Got a email from a job site saying that he wanted me to put an ad on my site so, I said I did. Don't know where this is going but, I guess we'll find out. Also my dad gave me his Iraginophobia shirt and his Stratford shirt. Found out about music producer Brian Eno from the Colbert Report.


November 11 I learned that Bill Withers was the original singer of "Lean on me" He made it in 1972. Bought a Matchbox Fisker Karma. Bought a Hot Wheels la Fiesta. I bought a pink Pontiac camaro from Hot Wheels. I learned that I should probably not say happy birthday to some people. Learned about the falseness of reality TV shows on the soapbox blog http://ryoko861.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/reality-sucks/. I learned what a Dodge Colt was. Changed my background picture to @iamMIRAJ picture from Miami Florida, I think. Made a video of a possum as he was leaving the trash can during the day to get some water. Decided to make a things I like to find list. Learned about the corruptness of a person that works at the Houston School District. Wore my dad's Iraqnophobia shirt. Started reading Deuteronomy. Heard about the book The Benefactor.

The Benefactor
http://www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au/         http://www.biblio.com/

November 12 Listened to the audio chat about the heart, To heal the heart. Drove around the enitre map of Miami without completely damaging my car in Driver 1. I had a Chocolate milkshake from Burger King. Pushed one of HEB's new carts.



Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Won't My Possum Video Load?!

Late.. Late.. Late... I know, I was going to show y'all a video that I made called the day in the life of a possum but, I couldn't get it to load on blogger or on youtube, I even tried to load it on the Weather Channel! But that didn't work either. I am currently trying to load it onto my G + account and it seems to be working so far. I hope it works! I'll try to see if I can post the video later this week. Hopefully one of the sites will be able to load it. Anyway sorry for being so late. Happy SWS!