Sunday, October 9, 2011

We Got Alot of Rain!

There were alot of isolated showers and thunderstorms in Texas yesterday. The red dot on the map is where I live. We had a train of showers pass through my area. Most of them were small and only brought us some light rain but, some of them were big and brought us some moderately heavy rain. I was really happy when it started to rain because I was hopping it would. Speaking of rain it has just started raining right now. These showers have been very strange there is always a strong gust of wind at beginning of them. I was a little scared while I was making this post because I could hear the wind howling. I'm pretty sure we just had a 30 or 40 mph wind gust. I hope the power doesn't go out.


  1. It would have been better if I had made this post today. There have been alot of showers and thunderstorms since I went to bed at 3 am and there's still more one the way. : )

  2. Yea that there is more on the way and that you got the rain you did! Let's hope the power doesn't go out!!


  3. Hi Joseph! My name is PJ. I saw your comment when I was reading the blog "According to the Book", by Stan Butler. When he was referring to what is written in "red" he was talking about how some Bibles have what Jesus says in red print and everything else in black print. This helps us to distinguish what Christ says quicker. It's not a separate book. It is all in the Bible. Some Bibles don't have Jesus' words in red, some do.

    I am really enjoying the rain also. I live in Comanche, TX. It's about time we got some! haha! I just wish it would have come before all my flowers and grass died from the heat.

    God Bless,

  4. Oh, that's good idea. That way you won't get confused.

    Ya, same here. Our grass and trees have dried up also. Thanks! You too! : )


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