Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Toy Car Clubs!

Recently I was selected to take part in a series of survey's for the toy car company Maisto. While I was taking one of their surveys they asked me if I had belonged to a fan club. I never really thought there was such a thing as a toy car fan club so, I hadn't joined one yet but, seeing as I needed to give them some advice on other fan clubs. I decided to try and join one. The first one I tried to joined was free but, they said that I needed a paid for email account. Meaning that I couldn't use email account like Gmail or any other free service. I couldn't think of one that I had to pay for so, I had decided to try and join another one. The other one that I had tried to join said that it was free and that they would send you a free toy car if you joined. All you had to do was pay for the postage. So, I sent them a email saying that I wanted to join. When I got a email back from them they said that I had pay a $10 fee one time only and that they would give me two toy cars. That was a great deal only I don't have $10 to spend. So, since I didn't know too much about either fan clubs I just told them what I did know and what I think they should do for theirs. I am really looking forward to joining Maisto's fan club! I have enjoyed playing with their toy cars and would like to discuss about them with other fans.


  1. How fun, Joseph! I like how you spelled out Maisto with your cars! Very clever. I too didn't know they had toy car fan clubs, but it makes sense that they would, seeing how they have fan clubs for about anything and everything! Seems like a good thing to join and get to "hang out" with other people who share an interest like you do with toy cars!


  2. Thanks! I like your new profile picture! : )


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