Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fill in Fun!

These questions were kind of hard to answer.

1. I have a fun time staring at my computer when I can't think of anything to write.
2. I always buy candy from the snack machine that I will eat if I forget to bring my lunch.
3. I spend way too much time making jokes to myself when I should be answering the questions to this post.
4. I hope that when people meet me and think about me they don't get angry.



  1. when I worked in an office I did the same thing with your answer number 2. Thanks for stopping by the Good Memories Cafe today!

  2. Do share your jokes... that would be a fun post :)

  3. I wouldn't be angry if I met you, Joseph, and when I think of you I don't get angry either! I think you are a fine young man!! Sometimes it is hard to come up with answers for questions like these!

    Hope you have a good weekend!


  4. Thanks, and you are a fine corgi owner!

    You too!! : )


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