Thursday, October 6, 2011

Animal News 5!

The impostor kitty was caught eating the white kitty's food again. It made a slippery escape just before I could open the front door.

Oliver is back! My sister Tamara has moved out of Dallas and is back in Houston but, she is working in Forth Worth right now so, she is keeping Oliver at our house until she gets back.
Big possum. I thought it was patches but, it looked to big to be him.

Little kitty has stopped sleeping in my office chair. Simon still sleeps on it but, only at night when i'm asleep.

That's a wrap to this week's animal news. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time! : )

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  1. That is a big possum; I don't think it looks like patches either!! Glad Oliver is back to keep you guys company for a bit! I did enjoy your animal news this week!!

    have a good day!



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