Saturday, September 10, 2011

Runway Patches!

While I was opening the door to the patio Patches jumped out of the trash can frantically. He ran with his tail waggling behind him like I was gonna chase after him. I thought that was strange because he usually doesn't budge when I see him in the trash can. Even when I tip it over to try to kick him out he won't move. It's just as well that he jumped out so quickly because today was trash day and I didn't feel like spending the time kicking him out of the trash can and then picking up all of the spilled trash. It was almost 7 am and I wanted to go back to bed. Also I think I now know where he hides. I saw him run into the corner of the backyard where the bushes are. So, I think he maybe sleeps in those bushes. I've never seen him so, scarred before maybe he knew it was trash day. Lol! I would've dumped him out before I took out the trash. I always check. I will even dig under the garbage bags if I think that he might be sleeping in there. I think i'm going to go look in those bushes and see if he lives there. If he does I will try to stop him from eating out of our trash can by taking the food directly to him.

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  1. Maybe you just startled him and that's why he acted like that. But at least you know where he might be should you want to bring him food, which I think is a good thing to want to do!



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