Monday, September 12, 2011

Animal News 3!

There are know three possums living near  my house.

I saw a peacock drinking some water. So, I now know that they do drink out of the water bowl that I leave for them.

Every time the orange cat shows up to our house the white kitty disappears. I wonder if they like to switch houses every once in a while.

I saw the impostor kitty a couple of days ago. I got a better video of it that I will show y'all when i'm finished filling the disk up.

Speaking of peacocks I don't really see them that often. I usually don't see them that much during the winter. I think they sleep in another part of the neighborhood or, maybe they hibernate. I know they don't fly south because I don't think they can. Their bodies are too huge. I hope to see them next spring and summer.

Becoming friends with the raccoon's is alot easier than becoming friends with a possum. When I give food to a possum they get scared and hiss at me but, when I give food to a raccoon it puts it's paws to ask for more.

I can't think of anything else to say.
Until next time! Thanks for reading!


  1. Be careful with the raccoon. That is kind of neat though that it puts out its paw for more food (must be part corgi, LOL, since they love food)

    I bet the peacocks do have their season of where they like to be depending on the time of year. You'll have to track to see when you see them the most and I bet you will find out it is pretty cyclical. It was like that with the quail where we used to live; they would come out in May and stay for summer and then I wouldn't see them again until the next year, same with the roadrunners.

    Too funny about your theory of the cats changing households; maybe they like the change of food every so often :)


  2. Ya, lol! I don't know the white kitty and the orange cat probably don't like each other. I think they both like the impostor kitty. : )


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