Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SRS: Street Racing Syndicate!

While I've been looking for a job and getting scammed I've also been playing a old street racing game on the ps2. This game came out on August 31, 2004. Around the same time that Need For Speed Under ground 2 came out. On the top at the bottom is a picture of Need For Speed Underground 2 below it is a picture of SRS: Street Racing Syndicate. Both of the games look the same but, are a little different. In SRS the cars get damaged and they need to be repaired but, in NFSU 2 the cars don't get damaged or need to be repaired. They might get scratched in a race but, they won't get damaged. Also the cars in SRS drive a little differently than in NFSU 2. The cars don't brake as good in SRS and you have to drift in to the turns which makes it kind of fun but, also kind of annoying when you miss the braking point and hit a wall or something. Then your car gets damaged and we'll need to be repaired later on. Another difference about the cars that I like in SRS is that the cars sound more real. You can hear the exhaust and the transmission shift while you are racing. Also the cars seem more affected by what parts you put on it. In NFSU 2 it doesn't seem to matter what parts you put on it. All of the parts make the cars faster and easier to drive no matter what kind of engine or suspension parts you put on it. Overall I would recommend either of these games to someone that is looking for a fun street racing game to play.

SRS: Street Racing Syndicate (GameCube) Screen


  1. I know my son like Need For Speed (all them, there were several, right?) I think he might have played Street Racing Syndicate too; it sounds familiar! Don't give up looking for a job; it does take time to find the right one! And do be careful with Craigslist. Two people got robbed of their iPads here they were trying to sell through Craigslist. When they met up with the proposed buyer, the buyers took the iPads and ran off. So be very careful!

    and stay cool! I heard it was the 33rd day (yesterday) Texas had over 100 degrees heat! I'm sure it is getting old for you all!


  2. Ya, they made alot of different Need For Speed Games! Did he play Need For Speed Hot Pursuit? It's been mostly in the 90's over here but, it got to 109 degrees in Dallas. I'm glad that we have air conditioning in the south. I feel bad for the people in the North that don't.


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