Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is a video of a possum that I named Patches. He usually sleeps in our trash can but, I haven't seen him lately. Is his stomach supposed to look like that? I hope is ok.


  1. He's cute. I have no idea about his stomach if it is suppose to look like that or not. I wonder if a wildlife person could help you with that? He is cute though! I think it is nice that he sleeps in your trashcan (as long as no trash gets thrown on him, LOL :)

    He looks like the possum that was on our back patio about a month ago. I looked outside and saw something. At first I thought it was a rat but it looked too furry for a rat. So hubby looked and said it was a possum. Of course Koda wanted to come out and get it (we didn't let him out). It ended up hiding for a bit behind a file cabinet out there and then after we went to sleep, it must have left. We saw it the next night but never again.

    Hope it cools off for you guys soon


  2. Ya, Lol! I try to make sure that he isn't the trash can before I put the trash in. One time my dad threw a bag of trash on him by accident. When I took the trash bag out he looked looked scarred and confused. I wish it would. How's Koda Doing? : )


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