Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Possum!

So, maybe Patches did have some babies. I just saw a baby possum outside my front door eating the white kitty's food. I know it was a baby possum because it was the size of a rat. I'm surprised the white kitty didn't attack it. I enjoyed watching it lift it's paws to take a drink from the white kitty's bowl. I wonder why it's mother wasn't close by to protect it. Maybe she was hiding in the bushes or something. I tried to get a video of it but, my camera doesn't work that well at night. I hope I see it again.


  1. What a neat thing to see Joseph! I do hope it comes back again and you can get a picture of it! I hope the mom is okay and nothing happened to her! Good that you guys have some food out there that it could eat!

    have a good weekend!


  2. Ya, maybe i'll make a little house for it to sleep in so that it will be close to the food. You too! : )


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