Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Animal News!

I saw the impostor kitty a couple of days ago.

Oliver went back to Dallas on Sunday after spending a couple of weeks in my sister Tamara's old room.

The white kitty has decided that she likes to sleep in boxes.

I saw a possum that was not patches near my front door. I knew it wasn't patches because it was smaller. I think it might have been a baby possum. Maybe Patches had babies. That could have been why it's stomach looked so weird. I still haven't seen Patches. I wonder where he/she is. I hope Patches is ok.

Is the heat wave hurting the peacocks? I feel bad for them they have to look for food during the day in the middle of this heat wave. I hope their getting enough water. I left a bowl of water for them just in case.

Speaking of water bowls I decided it was time to throw out Simon's old water bowl. It had electrical tape hanging on the side of it to hold it together and it was dirty. I was afraid to give Simon a different bowl because I thought he would get upset but, he didn't seem to care. I think he just likes the water.

That's it for today's animal news. Until next time.


  1. how cute with the white kitty in the box; she does look comfortable there!! good that Simon got a new water dish, I think they don't mind as long as they have the water to drink when they are thirsty!



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