Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sun, Sea, and Mountains!

This 4th of July weekend my dad, my brother, and me went to Galveston and San Antonio. On Sunday we went to Galveston and we swam in the beach. The water was kind of dirty but, there wasn't any trash floating around in it like there was when we went there last year.Then on Monday we went to San Antonio to swim in the Rio Frio river. I liked going there because it was in a forested area and it was near alot of small mountains. The water wasn't really that deep in most areas of the river but, you were still able to swim in it though. There was also alot of slippery rocks that we had to walk through to get to the deeper parts of the river. I felt like I was swimming in a pool except that there was alot of sand and some fishes in it. I saw a golden colored fish that I wanted to grab but, it swam away too fast. After we went swimming in the Rio Frio river we went to eat dinner in San Antonio. I was hoping to see some fireworks while we were there but, I don't know if they had any in San Antonio. We got there at around 9:30 pm and we left there at around 11 pm. Maybe they did them earlier before we got there or, maybe they did them after we left there. I don't know but, that's ok though. I still enjoyed this 4th of July. I hope we get to go there next year!

Rio Frio Photos
This photo of Rio Frio is courtesy of TripAdvisor


  1. sounds like a fun trip. That photo you included through TripAdvisor shows that area to be really scenic and pretty! I can imagine it would have been very refreshing to swim in the river, especially if the day was hot!

    glad you had a nice Fourth of July weekend!


  2. Ya, I had fun seeing all the mountains and the wilderness animals! :)


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