Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Xbox 360 Seems to be Working!

On the first day of July I finished  fixing my Xbox 360. I replaced the bolted on x-clamps with the original ones and then I cleaned the heat sinks. After that I put some Arctic Silver thermal paste onto the heat sinks. Then I put the Xbox back together. At first it didn't work but, after I had left it on for a couple of hours it started to work again. I've played with it through this past week and it still seems to be working fine. It's not making any weird noises and i'm not having any problems when i'm playing my games. Actually the games seemed more responsive. I remember when I first tried to fix it the cars in Midnight Club Los angeles seemed to be having trouble. I was pressing the accelerator button as hard as I could and the cars were having trouble getting over 50 mph. At first I thought that this was because I was driving a slower car but, after I had tried to fix my Xbox again the cars weren't having any trouble getting over 50 mph. Also the cars in L.A. Noire seemed to be driving better. I hope I finally fixed my Xbox 360 this time. Driver San Francisco is supposed to be coming out on September 2 and I want to be able to play it when it does. If not I might just have to buy another Xbox. If I do I'll make sure that it still has a warranty on it so, that I can send it to Microsoft to get it repaired if starts having any problems. Hopefully I won't have to though.


  1. I am glad it is still working and I think it was wonderful you apparently fixed it yourself! That was interesting how the cars were going faster since it did get fixed!! It seems like every few months a new game is released, doesn't it? Driving games are I think the best ones to play (or at least the ones I enjoyed watching or playing :)

    hope it continues to work!


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  3. Ya, I like playing driving games more than I do like playing any other types of games but, I also can enjoy playing games that don't have that much driving in them like Banjo Tooie for example. : )


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