Saturday, July 16, 2011

My First Vintage T-Shirt!

This is a picture of the B-52s shirt that got on Thursday for $8.95 on ebay. The front of it has the B-52s logo on it with the name of their 1989 album Cosmic Thing then, the back of it says X-Fest III 91X Sat. August 18, 1990 Aztec Bowl. San Diego then it has the names of the other bands that were playing there. When I got it I only wore it for a couple of minutes because the people that sold it to me said that I have to hand wash it since it is a vintage shirt and that I might ruin it if I wash in the washing machine so, since I don't know how to hand wash clothes I decided not to wear it until I learned how to. Until then i'm just gong to keep it in my closet. I'm glad that I got it. I've been wanting to get a B-52s Cosmic Thing T-shirt.


  1. looks like a great shirt! I know exactly where Aztec Bowl is here, about 15 miles from where I live and I've gone to a couple concerts there in my younger days (but not the B-52s). It is actually quite easy to handwash clothes, I'm sure your mom knows how.

    You kneed to get a gentle soap, like Woolite. Put a little bit of the soap and water in a sink or a bowl, whatever. Then put the shirt in you want to wash. Gently wash the shirt (rubbing parts of it together, especially things that would tend to get dirty, neck collar, under the arms). Squeeze extra water out of the shirt. Dump the dirty water and fill up the tub, sink, whatever with water and rinse the shirt. Might have to repeat this process a couple times to make sure all soap is washed out of the shirt.

    Squeeze the shirt again, getting out all the water that you can and then hang dry it on a hangar or outside on a clothesline. Don't put it in the dryer.

    Good for you that you were able to get this shirt!


  2. Thanks for telling me how to hand wash my shirt. I really appreciate it!!!! : )


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