Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Impostor kitty Attacks The White Kitty!

Just now at around 1:20 am I heard a loud hissing sound coming from outside where the white kitty's food is and when I ran downstairs to go and open the front door. My mom was standing behind the door telling me she just saw the impostor kitty. So, now I know that the impostor kitty and the white kitty have been fighting each other. Maybe the impostor kitty was mad because the white kitty didn't leave any food for it. When I opened the front door the white kitty ran inside and I put the bowl of water and the plate of cat food inside the study where I keep her from the other cats that live in my house. After I had finished putting the white kitty inside the study I grabbed a handful of cat food from the cat bowl in the kitchen and I threw it outside for the impostor kitty. I hope it comes back and eats the cat food before the raccoon's do. At least I know that the impostor kitty is still coming by my house. I hope the white kitty and the impostor kitty resolve their issues.


  1. I don't think the two will resolve their issues; the white kitty is probably jealous of the imposter one. That is nice you are trying to take care of the imposter one and make sure that it gets some food here and there!

    Stay cool if you can!!


  2. I think that the impostor kitty is jealous of the white kitty because the white kitty has a house to sleep and the impostor kitty probably doesn't.

    Thanks, I will. : )


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