Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Cameras Are Back On in Houston!

On Sunday I beat L.A. Noire! My Xbox is still working but, I don't know how long it'll last though. I hope it keeps working through September at least. I might've have gotten a new by then. Also they have turned the red light Cameras back on in Houston. I had made a post about this in November when they decided to turn the cameras off and I had asked if you thought that this was a good idea. I don't think it's a bad idea but, when they had turned the cameras off everybody stopped worrying about the cameras and they started running the red lights again. I think they need to install something in the cars that will make them stop or slow down when there is a red light. That way no one will have anymore accidents and then they won't have to worry about running the red lights anymore. I'm sure someone is developing something like that or has developed something like that before. It would help the people that are drunk and don't know what they are doing or, also the people who maybe can't see that the light is red because the sun is in their eyes or something. Anyway I hope the people will stop at the red lights now that they've turned the cameras back on.


  1. I'm glad the XBox is still working and that you beat that game!! Good for you!! I'm also glad they turned the cameras back on for red lights. It is such a hazard in every city I have lived in. People look at the redlight as merely a suggestion to stop and not the command to stop. We've seen more people run redlights and it is amazing there aren't more accidents. We have lights like that in some intersections here too.

    have a good day!


  2. Thanks! I would've beaten it sooner if my Xbox 360 hadn't broken down so much. You too! : )


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