Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yellow Jacket!

This is a video that I took of a yellow jacket in my patio last summer. I had alot of trouble finding out what it was because I thought it was a bee but, when I looked up large bees on Google images I couldn't find a picture of it so, then I looked up black and yellow wasp and I found alot of pictures that looked like the yellow jacket in my video. I thought it did look more like a wasp than a bee but, I didn't know that there was such a thing as black and yellow wasps though. So, I didn't think that I would find a picture of one when I searched for it on Google images. It still looks big for a yellow jacket. I'm glad that it didn't sting me.


  1. glad it didn't sting you either!! We had them a lot when we lived in Montana; we would set traps for them that you could buy at the store (a jar usually that had a honey type fluid in it that attracted them; they flew into the jar but couldn't fly back out). It was not fun planning picnics sometimes because you would have to "fight" the yellow jackets for your food, LOL :)

    good video you got of that yellow jacket that came to visit you last summer


  2. ya, I heard that they make nests in the ground so, I need to make sure that I watch where I step when i'm outside. I'll remember to give it some honey the next time I see it, lol! : )


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