Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank You Harris County!

When I was looking up to see what people have typed in a search engine when they have visited my blog one of the things that they typed in was "Are we ever going to get any rain?" That's a good question! But, i'm sorry I do not know the answer to that question. We might get some rain on Sunday or Monday but, there is only a 30 percent chance that we will get some. Anyways as I was looking up the things that the people have typed in the search engines that have found my blog. I found this Harris County website that shows you how much rain has fallen in Houston that day and you can even see how much rain has fallen in Houston in a whole year. Which I think is cool since i'm always trying to find out how much rain has fallen when we get rain in Houston but, I can never find that out. All the websites say different things so, I don't know which one is giving me the correct information. So, i'm glad that Harris County has made a website that will show you how much rain has fallen in that day or year.


  1. that is interesting how you can track who comes checking out your blog with what they are looking for when they go to a search engine. I know I follow a blog who gets a lot of "hits" a day with people checking out her blog but her blog title has cupcake in it so I think she gets the "hits" because people are looking for cupcake recipes, LOL.

    That is neat Harris Country has info with the rain fall for the area!!


  2. Ha ha Lol! Yum! I love cupcakes! : )


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