Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ten Year Anniversary of Tropical Storm Allison!

Today is the ten year anniversary of tropical Allison. It brought alot of flooding rain to Houston. I remember seeing the water on the freeways and seeing all of the eighteen wheelers that were stuck on them. Allison caused 5.5 billion dollars in damage. Allison is the only tropical storm to be retired. There were alot of scattered isolated thunderstorms that came through Houston today. Sadly we didn't get that much rain from them because they barely hit us. I did see some cloud to ground lightning strikes and heard alot of loud thunder from them though. The reason we didn't get that much rain from them is because they formed right next to us and then they moved away from us so, we only got some light rain from them. Also it got to 101 degrees today. That's is another record high in these past two weeks and we probably are going to get another one tomorrow too with another chance of rain. What a great way to celebrate the ten year anniversary of tropical storm Allison.

These photos were from the Houston Chronicle website.


  1. that sounds like an awful storm that Allison was. I don't remember it, but ten years ago I was in Montana and sometimes not paying as close attention to news on other parts of the country like I should have. Sounds like it did a lot of damage!! Very warm for you guys today! make sure to drink lots of water!


  2. yeah, we were one of the ones that didn't get any flooding from it though. The only time we did get flooding was from a alot of continuous heavy thunderstorms on April 28, 2009. : )


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