Friday, June 10, 2011

Telephone Booths!

I've just gotten to the third disc of L.A. Noire! Do you remember when there used to be alot of public telephone booths on almost every street corner? We'll when I was playing L.A. Noire I saw that they have a telephone booth that has two sides, one side is for the police to use and the other side is for the public to use. I thought that was interesting because I didn't know that they did that in the 1940's. They don't even have public telephone booths anymore let alone one that has a side for the police and a side for the public. I think there are some left in airports and in some random shopping centers but, you don't really see them anymore. I think it's because everyone has a cellphone now and they don't need to use the telephone booths anymore. We don't even really use our house phones anymore and the only time we use it is when we lost our cell phones and we are trying to find it by calling it from our house phone. lol! I'm glad that everyone has a cell phone now because I think it's better than having to stand by the phone or, having to use public a phone that has alot of other people's germs on it. The only problem with cellphones is that they say that it might cause cancer. That's not good!


  1. good for you for getting to the third disc already!! WTG!!! I do remember telephone booths and I even remember using them and phone calls used to be 10 cents!! I also remember we would walk by them and check to see if there was any loose change, sometimes we were lucky and found a quarter!

    I like the convenience of cell phones for emergencies, etc but I don't like that everyone "lives" on their cell phones it seems. They talk on them when driving, very unsafe, the phones go off during church which is distracting, and people will be shopping, talking on their cell phones, and you can hear their conversations, which is sometimes not the best of conversations to be hearing. So I think cell phones are good if not overused, if that makes sense. I only usually take mine when I'm walking Koda by myself or driving somewhere by myself in case of emergencies :)

    have a good weekend!


  2. Ya, that's true I guess they can be annoying sometimes. I always liked finding loose change also. : )


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