Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Every time my dad goes with me to the hospital we go to this Mexican food place called Poblano's that is in the hospital after I am done with my doctor's appointment. I always like to get the enchiladas from there and my dad always likes to get the Taco Salad. Today when we went to go see the doctor but, we took too long waiting for the doctor to see us that they stopped serving the enchiladas that they usually serve at around lunch time. So, I decided to try one of their burritos instead. I liked it but, I didn't think it was the best burrito that I've ever eaten though. I remember when I didn't have my inr machine at home and we used to have to go to the hospital every week and we used to go to Pablano's to get something to eat after I had my inr checked but, since I can now check what my inr is at home we don't have to go to the hospital every week so, we haven't been to Poblano's in awhile. That's why I was a little disappointed when I found out that it was too late to order them. Oh well I guess i'll have to wait until my next doctor's appointment and hope that we are early enough to order the enchiladas. Although i'm not going to be able to eat the enchiladas every week at Poblano's anymore i'm glad that I can now take my inr tests at home.


  1. I too am glad you don't have to go to the doctor's as often, but those enchiladas sound good! glad you tried something else, but sorry it wasn't as good as the enchiladas! Don't you hate waiting at doctor's offices? I know I do :)

    have a good day!


  2. Ya, I had to wait for three hours! They were really busy. : )


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