Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Screw Up!

Yesterday when I was on ebay looking for a B-52's cd to buy I found a cassette tape that I thought was a cd and I bought it. I was annoyed when I found this out because I don't have a type player and I wanted to be able to transfer the songs to my mp3 player. Now I have to either go and buy a tape player or, I can just try to find the cd version of the B-52's album that I was trying to buy. The good news is that the tape only cost $4.00 dollars with shipping and handling so, I didn't lose much but, now I have to spend about $4.00 dollars more to buy the cd. Oh well, I would've asked for a refund but, they had already shipped it and I don't think I can ask them for a refund when they have shipped it because it says cassette in the description. Also I would have to pay $2.99 for shipping and handling and then I would just lose more money. I'll have to make sure that I read the description more carefully the next time I buy something from ebay rather than just looking at the picture. That way i'll know what i'm buying.


  1. oh well; it was a lesson learned! Sometimes you can find good bargains on too for used CDs and books. It is funny because I can't tell you the last time I listened to a cassette tape, but I remember when they were the newest best things!!!

    hope the day is a good one!


  2. Yeah, I remember when my dad used to listen to them when we were going for a ride in the car. Lol! We used to go to a store that sold a bunch of them. You too! : )


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