Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Information On Peacocks!

As I have begun my new journey to feed any of the peacocks that come across my front lawn I have been wanting to know more about them. I've already found out what is good for them to eat but, I was wondering if they ever get thirsty. I always leave a bowl of water next to the plate cat food and I've never seen them try to take a drink from it. I looked it up online and I found out that they do need water to drink and that they go in groups to get a drink of water and that they drink the water by dipping their beaks in and tilting their heads. They look like they are gurgling when they are drinking. I think you can see them doing this in the peacock video that I showed you. I'll try to show you a better video of it so, that you can see what it is looks like. Also another thing that I learned about the peacocks was that they do have ears it's just that they are covered up by their feathers. I was wondering this because I always hear them calling to each other and I've never seen their ears before but, I knew that they must have them. I hope the peacocks have been getting enough water to drink. I'll look and see if they are drinking from the water bowl the next time that I feed them.


  1. that is interesting about the peacocks with where their ears are; you know they have to have ears to be able to hear, but I never thought about where they would be and that the ears were covered by feathers. I'm thinking the peacocks are getting enough water or they would be looking for sources of water; so you keeping the water out there for them is a good thing!

    have a good Sunday!


  2. Ya, maybe they get their water from the left over water from the sprinkler systems or something. : )


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