Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Got My Xbox 360 To Work!

Yesterday I opened up my Xbox 360 with my Xbox 360 opener tool and I replaced the modified fan with a unmodified one from my brother's broken Xbox. When I turned it on it still had the three red lights on it. So, I left it on and in about thirty minutes it started to smell like something was burning so, then I turned it off and then I turned it back on again and It worked! Just to make sure though that nothing was burning in side of it I decided to open it back up again and I couldn't find anything that looked like it was burning in it. So, I put it back together and I put my Midnight Club Los Angeles cd in it and I played it with no problems. There wasn't anymore burning smell and the fans were a lot quieter. I can barely hear them now. I'm not sure if it is completely fixed or not but, so far it seems like it is working fine. I hope it doesn't have anymore problems, I may have to add some more thermal paste to the heat sink later on. I think that might have been what the burning smell was. I hope there is nothing wrong with mother board because then I'll to use a BGA wielder to fix it and I don't have one and then i'll have to send it to a repair man. I hope it continues to work!


  1. me too! I hope it continues to work too! Good for you for trying to see if you could fix it and then having success with it!!

    have a good Monday; I'm sure some of it might include playing some games on the XBox :)


  2. Ya, Thanks! It actually froze again while I was playing it. I think I need to add more thermal paste to it. The modified fans might have dried it up by putting too much voltage into it. You too! :)


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