Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today I heard that Minneapolis had a high of 103 this week and I was amazed by this because I remembered that they were having alot of snowstorms this winter. I think that it is weird. Also when I was looking up the weather on our local news station's website abc I saw that the high temperatures for June 5, and 6 was 105 degrees! That's Hot! And it still doesn't look like we are going to get any rain soon, but at least the temperatures are going to be in the low 90's this week and the humidity levels haven't been that high either so, it doesn't feel as hot. It's not even summer yet! I think i'm going to move up to the north were it's cooler. Actually in Troy, NY where my sister Julia is they broke their daily record high yesterday. It got to 92 degrees and their record was 91 degrees. Lol! That's the daily average high in Houston but, that's hot for a city that was still having snow showers in late April. I wish we could get some snow here or at least some rain.


  1. It has been hot all over, hasn't it? I think most parts of the country do get at least some hot weather during the summer, unless you move to Alaska, LOL :)

    We are having what is called June Gloom here; cloudy cool days because of the marine layer from the ocean. It is very common for us to have cloudy and cooler days than even winter during May and June here. People who come to visit are surprised thinking it is always sunny and warm here, but for these two months it is iffy if we see much sun.

    Stay cool! Drink lots of fluids!


  2. Wow! I didn't know that! Ya I've been trying to keep the white kitty inside but, she doesn't want to come in though. : )


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