Friday, June 17, 2011

Banjo Tooie!

Yesterday I finally beat Banjo Tooie and It took me over 60 hours! I was surprised that it wasn't as challenging as Banjo Kazooie was because since Banjo Tooie is the sequel to it I thought that it would be harder. It probably would've be harder if they didn't give you hints and cheats that you can find in the game. One of the most helpful cheats they give you in the game is the regaining of life cheat that refills your health bar automatically when you get hurt. Normally you would have to beat an enemy before they would give you a honey piece which is what the life bar is made up of. Anyway I enjoyed beating the game. I had fun playing Banjo Tooie but, I didn't have as much fun playing it as I did playing Banjo Kazooie. Maybe it's because I had played Banjo Kazooie as a kid and it brought back happy memories of my childhood. I know I haven't been posting many posts lately. I'm still trying to finish watching the 24 of Le Mans race and I have been trying to keep up with my sleeping shecdule. Which i'm still having trouble with. So, it might be a while before my next post I'm hoping that i'll be able to get to sleep earlier after I have finished watching the 24 hours of the Le Mans.


  1. I was wondering what you were up to, but it does sound like you are keeping yourself busy! Good for you for beating the game! It is good to have those cheats to help you through the game too!

    Do keep up with the sleep schedule though! That is good for your body!

    have a good weekend!



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