Friday, May 20, 2011

Whole Foods!

Yesterday my dad wanted to go to the Whole Foods grocery store to get dinner because he has been at a Whole Foods in Washington D.C. and they had alot of different things to eat there but, when we went to the Whole Foods that they have in Houston there wasn't as many different things to eat there. So we decided to go eat at Fadi's instead. Fadi's is a mediterranean restaurant. At first I was kind of annoyed that we didn't just eat at the Whole Foods grocery store because I was really hungry but, when we went to Fadi's I had alot of chicken that tasted really good and that made me full. I wish we could've found a Whole Foods that had as many things to eat there as the one in Washington D.C. did but, that's ok though. I enjoyed eating the chicken at Fadi's.


  1. that chicken did sound good. I wonder if the Whole Foods in DC is just a bigger store because it might be in a bigger neighborhood? Still sounds like you got a great tasting meal!

    have a good weekend!



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