Friday, May 13, 2011

We Got Some Rain!

We finally got some rain in Houston! I was wanting to make this post on Wednesday but, blogger has been shut down these past two days. We had some rain on Wednesday and Thursday. We just had a few showers on Wednesday and then we got some heavier rain on Thursday but, not much lightning and thunder though. I think all of the lightning and thunder was west of Houston. I was really excited on Thursday when I saw a huge line of thunderstorms on the radar coming to Houston. It rained for about four hours and dropped .82 inches of rain! I really enjoyed watching the rain. Even though we did get some rain much of Texas is still in a drought but, There is some good news though. I saw the extended forecast and there is more chances of rain next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Hopefully we can get some more rain. We need it to get rid of this drought!


  1. that was a lot of rain!! I bet it was fun to watch it! you are so right, Blogger had lots of problems yesterday and the day before; hope they got everything working okay by now!



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