Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks DVR!

When I was trying to record some shows on the DVR today I noticed that all of my other shows that I had recorded earlier were deleted. Ohwell none of the shows that I needed to watch were on there except for a race but, they will probably show a rerun of it. I think i'm going to have to watch all of my shows live so, that I won't miss them. I don't want them to get deleted before I get to watch them. I'm going to have to rearange my schedule so, that I will be able to do the things that I want to do during the day and still be able to watch my tv shows. I need time to play my video games!


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  2. oops, wonder why the DVR deleted your shows? That would be frustrating to go and watch something and then it is not available. I'm sure you'll be able to rearrange everything so you have time for games and your shows :)

    have a good day!


  3. The DVR is is over 5 years old and it's been having problems so, I wasn't really surprised when i found out that it deleted my shows. : )


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