Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring, Summer, and Fall!

Even though we haven't been getting that much rain atleast our air has been cool. This spring started out warm and then it got hot with the temperatures getting into the 90's. It felt like summer had already started but, these last couple of days have been cool. Our low temperature for wednesday was 51 degrees only 3 degrees higher than our May 4 record low of 48 degrees. Also our humidty levels have been low. It kind of fells like we are in fall already. Well except that our leaves are still green and that they are still on our trees. The reason it fells like fall is because of the low humidty levels. Fall is usually when we get start to get the low humidity levels. Also it's when our temperatures start to get cooler. So it kind of fells like we went from spring, to summer, and then to fall. I hope we have a cool summer this year.


  1. that would be nice if you have a cool summer because I know your area can get really hot! It is nice if the weather mixes itself up like this a bit so you get a little of each season I think!



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