Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is a video that I made last summer of the peacocks that live in my neighborhood. I haven't really seen that many peacocks lately. When I was walking in my neighborhood with my dad and my brother Faisal I saw a sign that said please do not feed the peacocks. I have never seen this sign before and I was upset when I saw it because I always like to feed the peacocks. I wanted to write please do feed the peacocks on it but, I knew I would probably get in trouble. I always see them looking for food and i'm afraid if they don't get enough food then all the peacocks will leave my neighborhood. I'm going to give them some food the next time I see them. Anyway I hope you enjoy watching my video.


  1. that is a cool video! I liked looking at the peacocks! What do you feed them, when you can feed them? I think I would be tempted to want to feed them to keep them around!

    I had to post as anonymous, otherwise Blogger wouldn't let me :( I hope they get it fixed soon!


  2. Oh, that's not good I wonder why it's still not working for you. : ( They usually come around in the morning or in the evening and I feed them cat food or little pieces of bread. : )

  3. actually, the people who put up that sign more than likely feed them a proper diet and for that reason.. i suppose that they don't want people feeding them bread or other things that will cause them illness. you think the opposite of reality in this case.. if the birds die because of poor nutrition, that would be very sad. so many of our neighbors leave food out for them, from what I remember.

  4. Ya, I thought about that but, I don't think that bread will hurt them though. I'll look it up. : )


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