Monday, May 30, 2011

Indy 500!

On Sunday I decided to watch the Indy 500. I've never watched it before and I was going to watch it last year but, I didn't really feel like watching it and I missed it. Also they were celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 so, I decided that I was going to watch it. I'm glad that I decide to watch it because I really enjoyed watching it. I thought it was fun watching all of the race cars try to squeeze past each other at over 200 mph! I'm thinking about watching the rest of the Indy races this season but, i'm not sure if I want to it. I think I might try to watch all of the Indy races next year. I'm looking forward to watching the next Indy 500.


  1. it is an exciting race to watch; I haven't watched it in years but I did enjoy it the years I did. Did you hear about Dale Enhart, Jr running out of gas at his Nascar race? I'm sure he's not happy about that!

    Happy Memorial Day!


  2. No, I don't really watch Nascar that much. Thanks you too! : )


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