Thursday, May 19, 2011

Imposter Kitty's Renewed Friendship!

Yesterday at around 12 am I saw the imposter kitty eating the white kitty's food while the white kitty was watching it. They didn't fight this time. The white kitty just stood in front of the imposter kitty and watched it while it ate her food then it just left. I was glad to see the imposter kitty again because I wasn't sure if she was getting enough food or not. I think the white kitty is nice to let the imposter kitty eat her food. It's probably because she knows that i'll give her some more anyway. I tried to take a picture of it again but, on my first try I noticed that I didn't have a disc in my camara and then when I tried  to take a picture of it again the disc that I had put in the camara was finalized so, it wouldn't let me take a picture. By then the imposter kitty had finished eating and was walking away. Next time i'm going to make sure that the disc I put in is new. I'm glad that the Imposter kitty and the white kitty are friends again. I will hopefully get a picture of it next time.

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  1. that is good news!! glad white kitty is sharing her food! I know you'll get a picture one of these days and I will enjoy seeing the two of them!

    you must be a night owl if you were up at 12 a.m. seeing the two of them!



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