Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fire Ants!

Yesterday while I was in the kitchen standing next to the trash can I noticed there was a pile of ants eating the sandwich meat that I had left on the floor for the cats. At first I had thought it was just some spilled coffee grounds that someone was just too lazy to pick up but, when I bent down I noticed that it was a pile of fire ants! I didn't know what to do so, I just scooped up the ants and threw them outside. Then I got some bug spray and I sprayed the floor so, that I could stop all the other ants that were trying to get into the kitchen. I was really surprised to see all those ants. I've never seen that many ants in a house before and they were big ants too. I wonder where all those ants came from. I hope they don't find the cat food.


  1. oh no! Ants are never fun to deal with. Do keep all the food covered or they will find their way back in. They usually look for food/water especially if it is dry and you were saying your ground was dry because of no rain for a few months. Good luck, I hope they don't come back!!!


  2. Thanks for the tip! Lol! I'll make sure to clean up all of the dried water in the kitchen.


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