Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Family Saw The Impostor Kitty!

Yesterday in the evening my mom and my brother Faisal saw the impostor kitty. At first they thought that the impostor kitty was the little kitty but, when they took a closer look at it they could tell that is was alot skinner than the little kitty. It took me a little while to figure out that the impostor kitty was not the little kitty also. It kind of reminds me of the book "The Company of Cats" by: Marian Babson. One of my favorite authors. In the book there is a tabby cat that inherits the fortune from it's owner and he's greedy relatives try to find the tabby cat so, that they can inherit the fortune but, when the cat goes missing they try to find a similar cat that looks like the tabby cat. it's a good book I really enjoyed reading it. Oops! (I just found out that I have been misspelling the word impostor).
Thanks Google!

Also if you like cats and a good mystery book you should read one of Marian Babson's books.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Indy 500!

On Sunday I decided to watch the Indy 500. I've never watched it before and I was going to watch it last year but, I didn't really feel like watching it and I missed it. Also they were celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 so, I decided that I was going to watch it. I'm glad that I decide to watch it because I really enjoyed watching it. I thought it was fun watching all of the race cars try to squeeze past each other at over 200 mph! I'm thinking about watching the rest of the Indy races this season but, i'm not sure if I want to it. I think I might try to watch all of the Indy races next year. I'm looking forward to watching the next Indy 500.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feeding The Peacocks!

When I was trying to find out what food is healthy and unhealthy for peacocks I found out that dry cat food was good for them. They said that it was a good source of protein for them. I was glad to find this out because I have been feeding them dry cat food and I was worried that it might not be that good for them. Also I learned that the peacocks eat alot of plants, insects, and worms. So I don't have to worry about them. There's plenty of plants and insects at my house for them to eat. Also there's dry cat food! If the white kitty well let it have some. Even though there is plenty of things for the peacocks to eat I always give them some bread or dry cat food whenever I see them.


More Record High Temperatures!

Since May 25 Houston has had it's daily record high broken. Yesterday and today the high got to 97 degrees. Although that is hot for May the humidity levels have been low and it's been windy pretty much every single day this month. So that has helped to keep us from feeling too hot. I actually enjoyed the warmth today when I was opening the door to go and feed the cat. We always have our air conditioning on and it sometimes gets to cold in our house. So I like to step outside and feel the warm temperatures as I look up at the clear blue sky. I wish I could see some rain though. We had a isolated thunderstorm go through Houston on Thursday but, it missed our house. Atleast we got some rain in Houston though. I know alot of other parts of Houston need some rain also. I wish I could've seen that storm though.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Imposter Kitty Video!

I finally got a video of the imposter kitty but, the only problem is that I have to finalize the disc before I can play it on my computer and there is still 29 minutes left on it. So unless I can find a way to load the video on to my computer without finalizing it I will have to wait until the disk is full. I can finalize it now but, I don't want to because there is only 1 minute of recording on it and I think it would be a waste if I didn't put atleast 20 minutes of recording on it. I will try to see if there is a way to show the video of the imposter kitty to yall without having to finalize the disc.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This is a video that I made last summer of the peacocks that live in my neighborhood. I haven't really seen that many peacocks lately. When I was walking in my neighborhood with my dad and my brother Faisal I saw a sign that said please do not feed the peacocks. I have never seen this sign before and I was upset when I saw it because I always like to feed the peacocks. I wanted to write please do feed the peacocks on it but, I knew I would probably get in trouble. I always see them looking for food and i'm afraid if they don't get enough food then all the peacocks will leave my neighborhood. I'm going to give them some food the next time I see them. Anyway I hope you enjoy watching my video.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I think i've finally figured out how to load the videos from my camara on to my computer. It will probably take me awhile to load them so, I don't know if I will have enough time to make any more new posts while i'm trying to load my videos. I'm going to put some of the videos that I load on to my blog so, that yall can see them. It will probably take a few days for me to finish loading all of my videos. I hope you enjoy watching them. Sorry for the wait!

Whole Foods!

Yesterday my dad wanted to go to the Whole Foods grocery store to get dinner because he has been at a Whole Foods in Washington D.C. and they had alot of different things to eat there but, when we went to the Whole Foods that they have in Houston there wasn't as many different things to eat there. So we decided to go eat at Fadi's instead. Fadi's is a mediterranean restaurant. At first I was kind of annoyed that we didn't just eat at the Whole Foods grocery store because I was really hungry but, when we went to Fadi's I had alot of chicken that tasted really good and that made me full. I wish we could've found a Whole Foods that had as many things to eat there as the one in Washington D.C. did but, that's ok though. I enjoyed eating the chicken at Fadi's.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Imposter Kitty's Renewed Friendship!

Yesterday at around 12 am I saw the imposter kitty eating the white kitty's food while the white kitty was watching it. They didn't fight this time. The white kitty just stood in front of the imposter kitty and watched it while it ate her food then it just left. I was glad to see the imposter kitty again because I wasn't sure if she was getting enough food or not. I think the white kitty is nice to let the imposter kitty eat her food. It's probably because she knows that i'll give her some more anyway. I tried to take a picture of it again but, on my first try I noticed that I didn't have a disc in my camara and then when I tried  to take a picture of it again the disc that I had put in the camara was finalized so, it wouldn't let me take a picture. By then the imposter kitty had finished eating and was walking away. Next time i'm going to make sure that the disc I put in is new. I'm glad that the Imposter kitty and the white kitty are friends again. I will hopefully get a picture of it next time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Played L.A. Noire!

Yesterday I went to Gamestop and bought L.A. Noire. When I first started to play it the Xbox froze which was kind of scary but, I didn't get any red rings so, I decided to restart the Xbox and it worked fine. The reminds me of a 1940's film. In the begining you see all these cars and buildings that were in 1940's Los angeles and you are a cop trying to solve a murder. The game is very frustrating and I couldn't get past the first mission. Your supposed to get into this building where the gun is but, I can't find a way to get into the building. The game also has three discs so, it's going to take me awhile to beat it but, that's ok though because I like playing it. I just wish I could get past the first mission.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bug Bites!

I couldn't get to sleep last night because I kept getting bitten by some small bugs. I don't know what kind of bugs they were because I couldn't see them. I don't think they are bed bugs because it is hot in Houston and I think they don't like the heat so, it could be really small mosquitoes or maybe fleas. My cat Simon usually sleeps on my bed with me so, maybe he has fleas and they are getting on to on my bed. I don't know I get bitten by the bugs every month or so. The good thing about me not being able to sleep in my bed is that I got to go sleep in my sister Tamara's old bedroom and I got to sleep with her cat Oliver. He was really happy when he figured out that I was going to be sleeping in her room. He started to purr and play with me. I hope I can figure out where the bugs are coming from so, that I can get rid of them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Loading Old Videos!

Since i've been watching all these videos on youtube i've been wanting to load all of my own videos on to my computer. At first when I tried to load the dvd's from my camara on to the computer it said that the disc was blank. So I went online and looked up how to load dvd's on to my computer and I learned that I had to finalize the dvd so that I would be able to play it on my computer. So now that i'm able to play the dvd's on my computer I still need to find a way to rip it so, that I can save it. Then I will be able to load them on to my blog and on to youtube. I will be trying to find out a way to rip the dvd's on to my computer so, that I will be able to show them to yall.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catch 22!

I decided to read Catch 22 by Joseph Heller because it seemed like a good book so, I decided that I wanted to read it. I haven't really read any of it yet though. The only part i've read so far is the preface which I thought was interesting. Joseph Heller the author of Catch 22 talks about all the good and bad reviews he got for the book. He also said in the that some people loved it and some people hated it. I haven't read it yet so, I don't know if I like it yet. It's over 400 pages long so I hope I like it. Alot of people say that it is a good book so, I probably will like it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

We Got Some Rain!

We finally got some rain in Houston! I was wanting to make this post on Wednesday but, blogger has been shut down these past two days. We had some rain on Wednesday and Thursday. We just had a few showers on Wednesday and then we got some heavier rain on Thursday but, not much lightning and thunder though. I think all of the lightning and thunder was west of Houston. I was really excited on Thursday when I saw a huge line of thunderstorms on the radar coming to Houston. It rained for about four hours and dropped .82 inches of rain! I really enjoyed watching the rain. Even though we did get some rain much of Texas is still in a drought but, There is some good news though. I saw the extended forecast and there is more chances of rain next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Hopefully we can get some more rain. We need it to get rid of this drought!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Youtube Playlist!

Since I like listening to music while i'm on the computer and there are alot of songs that I like to listen to but, I don't feel downloading all of them. I just put them on my playlist and press the shuffle button so, that I can listen to all of the songs that I like while i'm on my computer. I think that is a better way for me to listen to music than me trying to find them on the internet and download all of them plus, if you do it legally you would have to spend about a dollar each time you download a song. For me that would be about $60 dollars so, I just prefer to listen to them on youtube. That way I can listen to all the songs I like for free! Thanks youtube!

I Finally Got My Inr Machine!

Yesterday a nurse came to my house to give me my machine that shows what level my inr is and to teach me how to use it. I was really happy to get it because I was tired of having to go to the hospital almost every week to get my inr checked. Now I can check my inr while i'm at home! I'm really glad that I can now check my inr at home.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Maybe Some Rain!

While I was on the Weather Channel website I saw that they were predicting more rain for the plains and maybe some rain for the parts Texas that are in a drought including Houston. There is a chance for rain on Thursday and Friday this week. I don't know how strong the chance is for rain on Thursday and Friday but, atleast there's a chance. I just hope we can finally get some rain. We are currently in a drought and some parts of Texas are in a extreme drought. I hope they are right about their forecast. We need some rain!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Oliver!

Since my sister Tamara brought Oliver to Houston and she didn't have enough room to bring him back to Dallas she decided to let us take care of him until she gets back. He hasn't been at our house since Feburary. I tried to play with him today but, he scratched my hand so, I had to stop playing with him. I hope he doesn't miss Tamara. Maybe he just doesn't like to be stuck in Tamara's old room all day. He was always trying to get out of her room the last time he was here. We can't let him out though because our other cats will attack him. Maybe we can take him on a tour of the house like we did the last time he was here. I hope he enjoys staying with us.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo!

Today my family decided to celebrate Cinco De Mayo by making tacos. Cinco De Mayo is not the celebration of Mexico's Independence day which is what I had thought but, I just read on Wikipedia that their indenpendence day is actually on September 16. Instead it is a celebration of the Mexican's victory over the French. Anyway my mom decided to make tacos because today was Cinco De Mayo. Also my sister Tamara decided to come and eat the with us. I thought it was fun celebrating Cinco De Mayo and eating the tacos that my mom made.


Spring, Summer, and Fall!

Even though we haven't been getting that much rain atleast our air has been cool. This spring started out warm and then it got hot with the temperatures getting into the 90's. It felt like summer had already started but, these last couple of days have been cool. Our low temperature for wednesday was 51 degrees only 3 degrees higher than our May 4 record low of 48 degrees. Also our humidty levels have been low. It kind of fells like we are in fall already. Well except that our leaves are still green and that they are still on our trees. The reason it fells like fall is because of the low humidty levels. Fall is usually when we get start to get the low humidity levels. Also it's when our temperatures start to get cooler. So it kind of fells like we went from spring, to summer, and then to fall. I hope we have a cool summer this year.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fire Ants!

Yesterday while I was in the kitchen standing next to the trash can I noticed there was a pile of ants eating the sandwich meat that I had left on the floor for the cats. At first I had thought it was just some spilled coffee grounds that someone was just too lazy to pick up but, when I bent down I noticed that it was a pile of fire ants! I didn't know what to do so, I just scooped up the ants and threw them outside. Then I got some bug spray and I sprayed the floor so, that I could stop all the other ants that were trying to get into the kitchen. I was really surprised to see all those ants. I've never seen that many ants in a house before and they were big ants too. I wonder where all those ants came from. I hope they don't find the cat food.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanks DVR!

When I was trying to record some shows on the DVR today I noticed that all of my other shows that I had recorded earlier were deleted. Ohwell none of the shows that I needed to watch were on there except for a race but, they will probably show a rerun of it. I think i'm going to have to watch all of my shows live so, that I won't miss them. I don't want them to get deleted before I get to watch them. I'm going to have to rearange my schedule so, that I will be able to do the things that I want to do during the day and still be able to watch my tv shows. I need time to play my video games!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


It looks like we are finally going to get some rain tomorrow. We have a 30 percent chance of a isolated thuderstorm during the day tomorrow and a 70 percent chance of rain showers tomorrow night. I hope we can finally get some rain because we haven't had that much rain this April and our ground is really dry. So I hope we can get some rain showers tommorrow.