Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trying to Finish Watching All My Tv Shows!

Since I had to spend alot of time watching the American Le Mans 12 Hours of Sebring. I had to record alot of the shows that I usually watch everyday. So know I have to watch all of those shows to get caught up with all the shows I watch everyday. Also I have other races that I have recorded that I still need to watch. I've been trying to cut down on some of the tv shows that I used to watch but, I still spend about an hour of watching television everday. That's because I like to watch the Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. I couldn't decide which show I liked the most so, I decided to watch both of them. Also I like to watch Xplay on G4. It is a fun show to watch that tells you about all the new video games that are going to come out. It comes on during the weekdays of the week but, they don't always have a new episode on everyday. So Someitmes I have to watch an hour and 30 minutes of television. That's too much Television to watch. Atleast they only come on during the weekdays so, I can usually realx on the weekends unless there is a race I have to watch. I also like to watch the animation shows on fox that come on Sunday. There's too many shows on tv to watch!


  1. I think you picked some good things to watch on TV. There are lots of offerings out there, aren't there? It is hard not to spend all day watching TV so it is good that you limit your time too!!

    I know my husband watches a lot of shows at night, I like when he has NCIS on, the cases are always interesting to watch.

    have a good day!


  2. yeah I hate having to choose between all the tv shows that come on everyday. : )


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